FERPA, 家庭教育权利和隐私法 (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99), is a federal law that protects the privacy of 学生教育记录. 这项法律适用于所有接受资助的学校 一项适用于美国的计划.S. 教育部.

FERPA protects the privacy of student educational 记录 and affords students the right to refuse to permit 365彩票在线过滤 (and other educational institutions) from 发布或披露有关他们的任何信息.



Educational institutions are required to develop policies for implementing appropriate FERPA的条文. 在NMT,注册官是所有现任和前任的管家 enrolled student academic 记录 and has been delegated the responsibility to ensure 教育记录中的信息只对那些个人和 机构:

At the federal level, the responsibility for administering FERPA has been assigned 到教育部家庭合规办公室.





“Education 记录” mean 记录 that are maintained by 365彩票在线过滤 in any form 或格式(e).g. 纸张、电子、数字图像、胶片、录像带、录音带),其中 包含与学生直接相关的信息,并可识别个人身份 给一个学生. 教育记录不包括:


  1. If you are a currently enrolled student or former student, you may inspect your educational 通过提交正式请求并获得预约来进行记录.  
  2. 你可能会质疑不准确或误导性的内容.  然而,你不能挑战 这一条款规定的成绩的公平性.
  3. Your record is not released without your 书面同意 except to 365彩票在线过滤 具有合法教育利益的学校官员.  学校官员是代理人 of the school in an administrative, supervisory, academic, research or support staff position; members of school committees, boards and/or councils; and persons under 与学校签订合同执行一项特定任务,如律师或审计员.  学校官员有合法的教育利益访问或审查 学生的教育记录:  

Other exceptions are to comply with a judicial order, or in an emergency involving 学生或他人的健康或安全.  

  1. When a record is released, the recipient is notified by 纳米科技 that the record may 不能透露给第三方. 
  2. With the exception of 信息披露s to school officials, a record is kept of 信息披露s of personally identifiable information for which the student has not given written 同意. 


The general rule is that NMT may not disclose personally identifiable information from a student’s education 记录 to a third party unless the student has provided 书面同意. 然而,也有一些例外情况允许学校 to disclose personally identifiable information from education 记录 without 同意. 下面描述了一些更常用的异常:


One exception permits the school to disclose a student’s personally identifiable information 当信息被恰当地指定为“目录信息”时.“目录 information is information that would not generally be considered harmful nor an invasion 隐私被披露. 在365彩票在线过滤,学生目录信息是明确的 as:

您有权拒绝披露目录信息.  任何请求 向非科技人士或机构索取该等资料,将会被拒绝. 纳米科技 will honor your request to withhold directory information but cannot assume responsibility 与您联系以获得后续发布许可. 不管对…的影响 you, 纳米科技 assumes no liability for honoring your instructions that directory information 被扣留.  请问您希望保留您的目录信息吗 填妥以下表格并交回注册主任办公室.



A second exception is that the school may release personally identifiable information from 学生教育记录 without the student’s 同意 to school officials who 有合法的教育利益去查阅这些记录吗. FERPA权利则没有 取代学生,前学生或校友对NMT的财务义务. 官方成绩单的申请将被扣留,直到 all financial obligations 支付. “学校官员”指:

“Legitimate educational interest,” means the school official is performing an authorized task or an activity within their scope of authority on behalf of NMT, and access to an educational record is necessary or appropriate to fulfill the school official’s 对学校的专业责任.


FERPA contains some additional exceptions, including, but not limited to, those listed 下面. FERPA的权利并不取代学生的经济义务 NMT的学生或校友. 官方成绩单的申请将被扣留,直到 所有财务义务都已支付. 根据例外情况,机构 may be required to make a reasonable attempt to notify the student in advance when 寻求教育记录(e).g. 传票)和/或永久地在 educational record the details relating to a nonconsensual 信息披露 permitted by 一个例外.


Additionally, until repealed or amended, guidance relating to administrative, technical 而数据的物理安全性是在 书面资讯保安 & 隐私政策.


If you inadvertently disclose protected student data, or suspect someone else has, 你应该立即发邮件 registrar@dailydosehealing.com 并描述一下当时的情况.