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Master of Sciences for Teachers Special Program (MASTS)

What  is MASTS Special Program?

In collaboration with NMT Research Division and the Education and Psychology Department, the Master of Sciences for Teachers Special Program is designed for scholars from Latin American institutions. The MASTS programs is a hybrid program with distance education and as well as courses in residency in the beautiful New Mexico Tech campus (this Program also combines some Spanish classes with readings in English). The MASTS special programs is designed to provide graduate level classroom and laboratory instruction for teachers of STEM Education such as science, mathematics, engineering, and/or technology.

The Core of the MASTS Special Program

Master degree students are encouraged to develop laboratory exercises, demonstrations, and teaching methods from the course content and apply these as projects in their own classrooms during the academic year. Classes build on fundamental principles and offer new concepts and novel teaching methods. 

The emphasis of the courses is on content, rather than pedagogy. Courses for the participants are offered in a variety of disciplines and are taught by New Mexico Tech faculty, some of them in Spanish for Latin American Scholars.

The program consist of 30 credit hours divided into a) 12 comprehensive credits in math, chemistry, physics, geology, biology, and engineering and computer science; b) six concentration credits in an of the distribution area that include math, chemistry, and physics; c) four communication credits; d) one credit in computer literacy; and e) six thesis or independent study credits. 

The student must take 6 prerequisite surveys that will evaluate areas in biology, chemistry, geology, physics, and math. If the student passes the placement exams, they will be exempt from taking these prerequisite courses.

Number of Seats for MASTS 

This master's degree special program of class 2020 will begin in January 2019 and end in July 2020. The class 2020 will be comprised of 15 selected students. The master's program is composed of six periods, each with five credit hours. Residencies are composed of four weeks in July 2019 and July 2020 at New Mexico Tech main campus.

Requirements for Admissions

Applicants to the MASTS special program must provide the following in addition to the completed Master of Science for Teacher's application materials:  

  1. Sealed, official transcripts of all college work (unofficial copies may be used for application, but sealed, official copies are required before admission).
  2. A letter of reference, preferably from your department chair or principal, indicating your interest and abilities related to the pursuit of your MASTST degree.
  3. An application fee of $45 for those using domestic and online international applications, or $60 for international application packets mailed to applicants.
  4. Applicants must also have at least one year of teaching experience and hold a valid teaching certificate. 

Transfer Credit Policy 

A maximum of 12 credit hours with grade B or better, earned at another accredited institution, may be approved by the student’s advisory committee for transfer to the MASTS program. Transferred credits may include up to six credit hours of professional education courses in areas generally appropriate to this program.

Application Deadline

The application deadline is on October 31. The placements exams will be administer on November 19 in Guadalajara City and Mexico City.

Application of Admission

Application forms may be obtained from Research's Office of Latin American Initiatives. Please contact:

Veronica Espinoza

Research Office’s Latin American Initiatives

Email: rolai@dailydosehealing.com

Phone: 575-835-6712 Office: Brown 101

For additional information in Spanish, please contact:

Veronica Espinoza

Research Office’s Latin American Initiatives

Email: rolai@dailydosehealing.com

Phone: 575-835-6712 Office: Brown 101

Master of Science for Teachers Coordinator

Megha Khandelwal, Ph.D.

Email: megha.khandelwal@dailydosehealing.com

Phone: 575-835-5470 Office: Cramer 132A


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