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Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

About Civil Engineering

The New Mexico Tech Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers a B.S. degree in civil engineering, with areas of specialization in structural, geotechnical, or water resources and B.S. and M.S. degrees in civil and environmental engineering.

Misson Statement

The Civil Engineering program is designed to give students a strong foundation in engineering and science and strive to produce well-balanced graduates ready to enter the civil engineering and environmental engineering industries or continue on with graduate studies.

The primary objective of the Civil Engineering program is to produce well-balanced engineers capable of entering the profession, or continuing studies at the graduate-level. Graduates will be well-prepared to solve current civil engineering problems, and will have the ability to adapt to problems of the future. The achievements of civil engineers are well-known to the general public, because civil engineers build the world’s infrastructure. In doing so, they can shape the history of nations. Projects that civil engineers work on include: airports, bridges, buildings, dams and waterways, drainage and sewer systems, city roads, and highways.

The undergraduate program offers a balanced approach to civil engineering education. Students take a common core of civil engineering courses, and can specialize in the areas of structural, geotechnical, or water resources engineering. Our civil engineering courses teach students the fundamentals of engineering design, as well as, potential applications. Students are taught how to use computer software to expedite the design process, and they are also taught how to balance engineering designs with economic constraints. During their senior year, undergraduate students work with a professor on a design project.